Contact and Directions

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Phone: (206)556-9717

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819 N 49th St, Seattle, WA 98103 ActivSpace at the Zoo - #322

Driving directions from the south: Drive north on Aurora/99. At 45th, slide right onto Greenlake Way N. Take a left onto N 46th St, go under the bridge. Take a right on Linden Ave N. and park on 49th street. (ActivSpace parking is tenants only.) The ActivSpace building is to your right. Follow Building Directions below.

Driving directions from the north: Head south on Aurora/99. Take a right at N. 49th St. Please park on the street. ActivSpace parking lot is for tenants only. Follow Building Directions below.

Driving Directions from the east or west: From N. 50th St, drive towards Aurora/99. Head south on Linden Avenue N and take a left onto N 49th St. Park on the street and head towards the building.

Bus Directions: The ActivSpace is directly accessible by the E route from the north or south, and by the 44 from the University District or Ballard. It is also accessible to the 5 from Phinney Ridge. See the Metro Trip Planner for details.

Building Directions: Walk through the parking lot and take a left at the entrance. You will find a buzzer for the door with written directions above the buzzer for access. My office number is 322. I am listed as "Holistic Tutoring." If you need the elevator, ring for me at the buzzer and I'll come to meet you.